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Why is it that very few people have been fully successful in living the kind of life they want but not others? Why is it that that most of us claim just “luck” to be the deciding factor of our destinies when we have been bestowed with the two hands, two feet, one brain, and the “free will”? What immerses some humans in their dreams so much so that they start following them blindly, without knowing that they how they would reach there? What makes other people help them in following their dreams while at the same time killing their dreams? Are you missing something from this short journey of your life on earth? Too many questions, one simple answer – The habituated qualities!

The first thing you would require, to get what you want in life, would be an unprecedented surge of motivation. You would waste your precious time looking here and there for the sake of getting motivated. What we have done is that we have researched the top and common qualities of the super successful people in the world, mostly from the 20th and 21st century.

We have also researched on their real-life stories that are in harmony with these top qualities. Each time you would read a story, you would start getting boosted up. You would simultaneously like to acquire those qualities into your life and make them your habits. The short and to the point details of each quality are also provided in each chapter for this purpose.

While you are reading about these qualities, listen to the words in your heart as well as in your mind. Slow down and let each quality feel like your own for the time being.

Imagine what it would be like if that characteristic trait was already yours and then work towards acquiring that quality in your life. Just dreaming about being the person you

want to won’t take you there.

You have to see what makes them different from you. You have to see what makes them do those things differently which, to your surprise, you too might be doing almost daily. Then you have to analyze what thing stops you from acquiring that quality if you ever tried it. Remove that impediment and see the magic. -

However there are also new opportunities: the Internet, Cryptocurrency, Forex, E-Commerce, and more.

Table of Contents


Chapter 01 – Habits of Successful People ...6

Chapter 02 - Failure Is For Your Improvement ...11

Chapter 03 - Invest In Yourself ...16

Chapter 04 - Dream Big ...23

Chapter 05 – Passion – The Key to Your Success ...29

Chapter 06 – Structuring your Critical Thinking ...40

Chapter 07 – Know your Talent ...48

Chapter 08 - Do Whatever It Takes ...54

Conclusion ...59

Total 59 pages

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